Come in! Relax! Enjoy breakfast!

... have a nice cup of tea or coffee while Geoff cooks you a fresh breakfast ...


Breakfasts are cooked fresh for our guests & served in our private dinning room. There are no set times for meals, we cater to your convenience. 

Some say we have the best coffee in the free world, actually in the known Universe, but modesty prevails, & we only mention that in passing.

Features worth mentioning for breakfast;

  1. Panna Bread, we have this bread special baked, we slice it nice & thick & put lovely great wads of fresh butter on, then we grill it to a crisp perfection, you'll just love this simple tasty dish.
  2. Eggs, from our own chooks, fresh every day, free range, organic. Real Eggs!
  3. Sausages, these are big plump pork sausages made to our recipe, just like the sausages in your memories, oooh soooooo tasty.
  4. Coffee, the single most important thing in many peoples mornings, well mine anyway, & our coffee is blended by a local expert & only available in SW Vic, it is simply fabulous.

Come in! Relax! Have a nice cup of Tea or Coffee while Geoff cooks you a fresh breakfast.


Cereal, a selection of cereals are available and can be served with hot or cold milk. $5

Egg, fresh, organic eggs cooked to your choice fried or poached & served with Grilled Pana. $9

Scrambled Egg, organic free range eggs folded with farm fresh cream & cooked lightly then served with Grilled Pana $10

Egg with Bacon or Sausage, fried, poached or scrambled & served with Bacon or Pork Sausage & Pana $12

Bruchetta, fresh cherry tomatoes, local buffalo cheese, herbs & spices, balsamic vinegar all combined to make a deliciously fresh & tangy dish served on grilled Pana d Casa bread, $12

Full Cooked Breakfast, the works, egg, bacon, pork sausage, field mushrooms, plump fried tomato and all served with grilled Pana bread, a real good start to the day. $15

Strawberry Pancakes, yes! they're a favorite for breakfast too. You're on holidays, so never pass up a chance to spoil yourself. $12

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strawberry pancakes