Spoil yourself with our desserts

... strawberry pancakes, creme brulee, orange crepes, apple crumble, cheese platter ...


Go on, you know you want to, spoil yourself! And you can always have a walk around the garden tomorrow morning to work it off!!!! 

Strawberry Pancakes, endlessly praised as the deeeelicious dish of SW Vic. Vine ripened strawberries picked fresh from the local farm are made into a puree which is combined with fresh berries wrapped in homemade pancakes and served with Ice-cream. $12
Note: totally addictive and often requested as a breakfast dish too, so don't be afraid to ask.

Creme Brulee, a superb rich creamy dish with a crisp caramelised top, cracking through the crisp top and spooning this and the creamy centre is always a sweet delight, served with fruits (in season). $12

Orange Crepes, truly decadent, a richly intense citrus orange flavour that lingers in the memory, served with fruits (in season) & ice-cream. $14

Apple Crumble, home made apple crumble made the old fashioned way, all fresh ingredients, lovely juicy apples with a crisp baked top, served with ice cream and fruits in season. $12

Cheese Platter, selection of local and imported cheeses with water crackers. For 1 $20 or 2 $35

The restaurant is fully licensed and a selection of wine, sparkling wine, beer & spirits is available at bar prices.


Creme brulee

orange crepes

cheese platter