Dinner in our private dining room

... cooked fresh for our guests & served at your convenience ...


Evening meals are cooked fresh for our guests & served in our private dinning room.  There are no set times for meals, we cater to your convenience.  But Please Note: evening meals must be ordered in advance, before mid-day, as we prepare meals in the afternoon.

Some say we have the best coffee in the free world, actually in the known Universe, but modesty prevails, & we only mention that in passing.

Features worth mentioning for our dinners;

  1. Potato Gratin; if requested we can serve all our evening meals with our specialty dish, Potato Gratin, an oven baked thinly sliced potato base interleaved with pumpkin and onions, with a cheese topping grilled to a beautiful brown crust. This dish just gets rave reviews all the time!
  2. Our menu is limited, but there's usually something there for everyone & you can ask about varying the current menu too.  
  3. All our ingredients are highest quality, a very significant percentage of our vegetables come from our own organic garden, our own free range eggs, and almost all the rest locally produced & sourced.



Home made Chicken Schnitzel, juicy breast fillet crumbed with our very own special mix, served with fresh cooked vegetables and chips &/or hash browns (salad in season) $21 

Rack of Lamb, succulent lamb cuts (the kind that you can only get from a country butchers), marinated & basted in our special sauce & baked to a lovely golden brown, served with fresh cooked vegetables & potato gratin. $31 

Creamy Marinara, a delightful marinara mix cooked in a white cream cheese sauce, served with either Pasta, Spaghetti or Rice to your request. $28 per person - Please Note: 2 or more serves minimum per order.

Garden Salad, lovely fresh salad (subject to season mainly direct from our garden), sprinkled with local Buffalo Feta & drizzled with a slightly tangy dressing. $11 per person, Please Note: 2 or more serves minimum per order.





Chicken schnitzel

rackk of lamb